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 Writing Programs


  • “From Idea to Book.” This interactive workshop covers the entire process of writing a book, starting with inspiration and moving into publishing paths and writing craft. It also includes a full break-down of the publishing process with a detailed timeline of her latest novel, A World Without You, and how it started as a vague idea, went through several rounds of edits, and developed into a final novel. You can see a sample of the workshops and handouts here. The program is suitable for all ages and is most helpful to writers who are at the beginning of their journey and seeking publication. The program lasts about an hour and a half, and an additional half hour is advisable for a question and answer session.
  • “Plotting & Revision Methods.” This workshop includes a heavy focus on hands-on activities, and attendees will take away an action plan on plotting or revising their novels using story structure. The program can be given to large groups and will last about an hour; it can also be re-adjusted for smaller groups and can last longer with one-on-one attention given to attendees.
  • “Focus on Craft.” This workshop is an intensive look at the way plot, character, and world work together to develop a story. The workshop has some interactive, hands-on activities and audience participation, but can be adjusted for larger groups. This program blends information from the two previously listed workshops, focusing on craft and briefly touching on story structure. The program lasts 45 minutes.

Costs & Further Information
Each workshop requires a projector set-up and printed handouts for attendees, which can be provided by Beth. Beth’s rate is $500 per hour block, plus expenses. This rate can be adjusted when the workshop is accompanied by a book selling opportunity for her Paper Hearts trilogy or when in conjunction with an already established conference (for example: no additional charge for the workshop if Beth is already attending a convention).

Schools & Libraries


  • “Inspiration and Hard Work.” A presentation about my journey to publication, linked to inspiring students to achieve their own dreams, followed by Q&A session. Requirements: Projector for PowerPoint. Ideal for large groups but acceptable with smaller groups, grades 7-10. Length of program: 1 hour.
  • “Question & Answer.” A session focused on student questions and answers on the topics of books, writing, reading, and more. Ideal for smaller groups, but acceptable with large groups, grades 7-10. Length of program: half hour +

I greatly prefer presenting with other authors, and typically students prefer this as well. Programs with other authors can be straight Q&A, or a focused Q&A on a specific topic (such as writing, sci fi, etc.). These panels tend to be much more engaging for students, as well as requiring less preparation work on my end–I will work with your school or program in an effort to get a reduced rate for multiple authors rather than a single presentation alone.

If the location is within driving distance from me, cost is $500-$1000/event, depending on location and times involved. I do a certain number of pro bono events within local areas; please contact me for more information.

If the location requires a flight and/or hotel stay, cost is $1000-$2000/event plus travel expenses, depending on location and times involved.

If the event will include other authors in a panel discussion, rates will decrease; such events require less preparatory work.

I will discount rates if the event will provide book sales to attendees. I will also donate a portion of book sale profits back to the school to help pay for the event.

An explanation of costs: I used to be a teacher. I used to coordinate author events at my school. I know how horrible it is to have a limited budget and an author who costs more than that budget allows. For three years, I did nearly all my events pro bono, but I cannot afford to do that any longer. It often takes me several days to prepare a presentation, during which time I cannot work on the job that pays my bills: writing. I do sincerely want to give back to schools and libraries and absolutely support them. I encourage you to look into grant programs, and to contact me regardless of your funding situation–I will do my best to work with you.



Skype is a wonderful program, enabling authors to do long-distance visits! Unfortunately…this only applies to authors who have good internet. I live in an area without high-speed internet, and therefore it is very difficult for me to do Skype visits. Because I have to reserve a room at a local coffee shop in order to do Skype visits, I can only do two per year, and can only do them during the hours of noon-7pm, EST.

Skype visits are strictly Q&A based; please have your students prepare questions ahead of time!

Free on a limited availability.

Conferences & Book Festivals

adore cons and book festivals! I’m truly a nerd at heart, and love to get my geek on. However, there is a limited number of cons and book festivals I can attend per year. I am absolutely comfortable sitting on or moderating panel discussions on a variety of topics, doing book-club style sessions, signings, and more.

When contacting me about attending your con or book festival, please let me know the following:

      • Dates and times I am expected to be in attendance
      • Any travel expenses, hotel accommodations, registration, and/or honorarium included
      • Are books available for sale at the program?Even if the con/book festival does not provide monetary support, I may still wish to attend; please just contact me and let me know the details.



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