Hire Beth to Speak to Your School, Library, or Writing Organization:

Skype Appearances
Beth is available for Skype sessions with students. She offers free question and answer sessions up to 20 minutes, or $100 for an hour. Subject to availability.

Writing Presentation
A former teacher, Beth is adept at talking to middle grade and high school students, as well adult writers. Her tried-and-true signature program, “Finding Story” can be adjusted to any age level or size classroom. Beth has presented similar programs to auditoriums of five hundred students as well as intimate classes of five.

For larger groups, Beth’s program focuses on inspiration in a broad sense, leaving students with encouragement to find their own voices and express their truths. For smaller groups, the program can include a writing workshop activity and peer interactions.

The standard program runs for about an hour, including a question-and-answer session. Times can be adjusted; Beth can speed the program up to a half-hour and has extended it to an intensive four-hour-long program on craft for writers seeking publication.

Preview the presentation here.

Beth resides in Western North Carolina and defines local as an area she can drive to without requiring an overnight hotel stay. Whenever Beth travels to conventions or book festivals out-of-state, she offers local rates to any school, library, or group that will assist with local travel to the event.

  • Local, one session: $500
  • Local, full day: $1,000
  • Long-distance: $2,500 plus travel expenses

Conferences & Book Festivals

adore cons and book festivals! I’m truly a nerd at heart, and love to get my geek on. However, there are a limited number of cons and book festivals I can attend per year. I am absolutely comfortable sitting on or moderating panel discussions on a variety of topics, doing book-club style sessions, signings, and more.

When contacting me about attending your con or book festival, please let me know the following:

  • Dates and times I am expected to be in attendance
  • Any travel expenses, hotel accommodations, registration, and/or honorarium included
  • Are books available for sale at the program?
    Even if the con/book festival does not provide monetary support, I may still wish to attend; please just contact me and let me know the details.



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