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astheyslipawayAS THEY SLIP AWAY
Available now
The entire novella is available for free online at WattPad.

This novella is the story of the girl Amy meets in the rabbits fields in Across the Universe, and who is murdered in A Million Suns. The novella explores the backgrounds of this character, a singer named Selene, and several other background characters of the novels, including Harley, Kayleigh, Bartie, Victria, and Orion…and, of course, Luthe.

Also available in Czech through CooBoo books.

Short Story Collection

Available now

This collection of short stories features three never-before-seen stories, as well as three reprints, all of which feature futuristic worlds. From teleportation and revenge to cryogenics and star-crossed love, this collection has something for everyone!

DOCTOR-PATIENT CONFIDENTIALITY: A young woman wakes up in a cryomed ward of a hospital. As she recalls what led to her confinement, she starts to realize just what the consequences of her actions were, and how much time has passed since she was injured.

THE MOST PRECIOUS MEMORY: In a world where memories can be bought and sold as highly addictive drugs, one transaction takes an unusual turn. *Note*: this story was previously published in the Soothe The Savage Beast anthology.

THE GIRL AND THE MACHINE: A man has limited abilities to travel through time, but a cute girl pops up in his life, informing him that her time machine can open the door to far greater powers. But there’s something ominous about it… *Note*: This story is available as an individual short in Amazon.

LAG: A reporter had been chasing down a lead…but after a malfunction in the teleporter she used, she’s forgotten what the lead was. Now she’s searching for clues in her own life to discover what it was she’s missing.

THE TURING TEST: A college student participates in a turing test to see if she can distinguish which of the two subjects is human and which is an android. *Note:* A version of this story is a part of the Special Edition of THE BODY ELECTRIC novel and was previously published in Lightspeed Magazine.

AS THEY SLIP AWAY: A group of artists on a generation space ship that reviles art is given a unique assignment, one that draws one young lady far too close to a possessive man protected by the ship’s government. *Note:* This short story is available free online and is linked to the ACROSS THE UNIVERSE world.

Also included in this collection are end notes, describing the inspiration behind each short story and hidden clues and allusions to sci fi classics.

The collection concludes with two sample chapters from Beth’s latest book, THE BODY ELECTRIC.

Short Stories & Anthologies

after anthology
futuredaze cover
Available now
Edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling
Published by Hyperion

My story, “The Other Elder,” is about a young Elder on Godspeed who learns just what it will mean for him to assume leadership. Locus says “The Other Elder” has “a nice subtle twist.” For more on their (excellent) review of my story and the rest of the anthology, click here.

This story was reprinted in the anthology FUTUREDAZE: REPRISE and is available here.

shards and ashes cover

love is a choice cover

Available now
Edited by Melissa Marr and Kelley Armstrong
Published by HarperTeen

My story, “Love is a Choice,” gives a bit more background about Orion’s past.

You can also read the complete story for free online at WattPad.

defy the dark cover

Available now
Edited by Saundra Mitchell
Published by Harper Teen
More information located here. Booklist said, “This spirited collection counts on the bewitching, tantalizing qualities of darkness—at night, down a mineshaft, or artificially manufactured in a spaceship—to set the stage for 17 original short stories by popular YA authors, including Aprilynne Pike and Beth Revis.”

The premise of the book is a collection of stories that take place in the dark or at night. “Night Swimming,” my contribution, tells the story of Kayleigh’s swimming adventures in the pond, after the solar lamp clicks off.

lightspeed magazine cover

turing test-for educators

Available now
Edited by John Joseph Adams

My story, “The Turing Test,” is about a test used to determine the difference between a real person and artificial intelligence. The main character is participating in a test, trying to pick the real human boy out of two options. With a surprise twist ending, this story questions what humanity really is. The story is available free online.

For Educators: You can obtain a FREE copy of this short story, licensed for educational uses, including a free teacher’s guide with discussion questions and activities aligned to the Common Core. You can download it here.

dead man's hand cover

Available now
Edited by John Joseph Adams


This was such a fun story for me to write! It takes place in the Arizona territory of the Old West, and involves a Hopi legend, the Grand Canyon, and steampunk spiders. All the stories in this anthology are weird, sci fi twists on western stories. Find out more here.

Screen shot 2014-08-18 at 10.57.07 PM

Available now
Edited by Bryan Young


This is one of the first stories I wrote, but one of the last published. A very personal story, “The Most Precious Memory” tells about a weird world where memories are sold as drugs, and two people caught in the underbelly of the black market in memory trade. Find out more here.



Available now
Edited by Shaun Hutchinson

The concept behind this anthology is amazing: a school shooting told from many different points of view, including victims and by-standers. This is one cohesive novel with 17 different authors. The story centers on a 16-year-old school shooter, with each chapter set at a time before the shooting and told by characters who knew him, trying to answer one question: Why?

tyranny of petticoats
Available March 8, 2016
Edited by Jessica Spotswood

This is anthology is brilliant–a collection of stories about strong American women. My story is called “Pearls” and is about a young woman who escapes her past by running away to become a teacher in the frontier. Eagle-eyed readers may notice a special guest star from a sharpshooter in history… Selected as a YALSA Best Fiction for Young Readers pick! Find out more here.


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