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turing test-for educators

Due to popular request, I’ve made my short story, “The Turing Test” available to educators for free. Additionally, this version of the story includes a discussion guide and activity suggestions for students.

If you are an educator who intends to use the story for educational purposes, you may download the short story and educational materials (all in one file) here.

Thank you, teachers, librarians, and other educators who bring my stories to your students! 

An author Q&A Guide for A Tyranny of Petticoats historical anthology is available here.

Classroom Visits

Beth frequently does visits to classrooms in person or via Skype. For full rates and information, click here.

As a former teacher, Beth tries to work with educators to provide an enriching experience for students. To that end, she offers two free Skype visits and one free local school event per year, but must charge for any additional visits. She can work with other schools’ budgets and means, though. For example, if the school is within driving distance and allows for book sales to students; if the event is organized and involves other authors (such as a special event or book fair); if the students have all read one of Beth’s books and have a focused Q&A planned; or similar circumstances, Beth can negotiate for free or lower rates. Please don’t hesitate to contact her for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to family health, Beth will not be scheduling any additional events until the Fall Semester of 2014.

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