Can you find the Easter Eggs?

I love adding little clues and features for observant readers to find and in order to pay homage to some of my favorite books, movies, and more. For example, Kayleigh in Across the Universe was named for Kaylee in the television show Firefly. Jack in The Body Electric was named for Captain Jack Harkness of Doctor Who. Amy is frozen in cryogenic chamber #42, an allusion to the meaning of life, the universe, and everything in Douglas Adams’s The Hitchhiker’s Guide the Galaxy.

I love adding these little details in my work! You can read much more detailed reports about the inspiration behind The Body Electric in the drop-down menus here. Have you found any more?

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Fan art is amazing. If you’d like to be featured on my fan art page on Pinterest, just send an email to with the following information: The name you want to be credited with, any website you want to be linked to the art, a note that you have parental permission if you’re younger than 18, and an image file of the art. Thanks! I’ll also link posts tagged to my name here or in Tumblr.

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If you’d like a signed book, you can order one from Malaprops. They have all my books on stock and can easily get you a signed and personalized copy; just make sure you let them know what you’d like. Malaprops ships internationally!

Previously, I have requested that people who would like signed bookplates or bookmarks send me a SASE. However, there have been enough mix-ups with the post office and trouble with international readers getting stamped envelopes that I have replaced this policy. Besides which, I really love cool stamps and postcards. If you would like me to mail you a signed bookplate, bookmark, etc., send me a note with an specific requests at Beth Revis, PO Box 27, Union Mills, NC 28167, and I’ll send you some swag at my earliest convenience. Thanks!

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